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Love in lockdown

August 21, 2020 in Dating, Happiness - No Comments

It seems that we have been in lockdown for ages now and so many things have changed in the world. But what about closer to home?

Over the last few months the job market has turned on its head, people have lost support structures or they have changed and the rate of divorces have increased ten-fold.

Divorce in lockdown

It’s no surprise that divorce is on the increase with many couples spending increased amounts of time with their partner. Healthy relationships definitely need availability to explore hobbies and past times away from their partner, but with many organisations at a standstill this simply hasn’t been possible.

Unfortunately, some of those previously happy couples have simply just got to the point where they can’t bear being with their partner anymore.

The daters

It’s been difficult for the daters and newly coupled relationships too.

Many singles use free dating sites to find love and there have been many challenges around virtual dating and a lack of feeling that you aren’t really getting to know the person that you are potentially looking to spend the rest of your life with.

Partnered up

Lockdown has affected this group too, but not to the extent of one or both parties wanting to file for divorce.

Those in a long-term relationship or marriage are likely to have experienced hardships and challenges in the past, but they know that this pandemic, like most things will pass.

This time has been great for rediscovering each other and seeing just how driven, brave and creative their partners are. This has lead to a deepening of the relationship and renewed hopes and dreams for their future.

The singles

If you have been single during lockdown and this is how you tend to stay, then great. If you are looking for love though, there is still a difficulty in meeting people in person. Unless you meet someone at your workplace, of course.

However online dating is still very much happening so, exploring your options won’t hurt. However, the advice here is definitely to think outside of the box when it comes to dates in order to stay safe and adhere to any active government guidelines.

Why not try ?

The widow

If you have found yourself widowed during the Covid-19 pandemic, then my thoughts and prayers are with you.

The affect a loved ones death has on us can be immense and alters our lives beyond belief. If you need help and support, the NHS and the website can be a great deal of help, but don’t forget to communicate with others, hold tight to your memories and allow yourself time and space to grieve.

In conclusion

The lockdown is going to be remembered as a pretty awful period in time for the world in a number of ways, but it can also be remembered as a time in which there was love, personal growth and strength in our relationships with ourselves and others.

This is certainly the perspective that I will be taking away with me.

Laura x

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