How to use free fonts for business and personal use

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A little about me and Laura-Ellen Stationery and Gifts

During lockdown I, as well as many others have now tried our hands at starting a business.

Laura-Ellen Stationery and Gifts is only three weeks old at the point of writing this post, and although it may be little, it has some extremely big ideas for the future.

You see, Laura-Ellen started off as a retailer selling other people’s products however, the dream is to design and print our own products to retail in our own store online and concessionary’s.

The only problem is, I am the ‘ideas’ person and definitely not a graphic designer, and that’s where Font Bundles will come in.

What are Font Bundles?

Whether you are a budding designer or Etsy seller, a lover of paper craft or Cricut machines. Font Bundles offer fantastic value for money on designs and fonts from some extremely talented designers from around the world.

With Font Bundles, you essentially purchase a bundle of products that they put together for you. All of which are available at some seriously reduced rates and by seriously reduced, I mean up to as much as 96% of the recommended retail prices.

There is also a Font Marketplace where there are beautiful typography fonts. My favourite is definitely the calligraphy fonts and fit in with what I am trying to achieve with my own designs.

I’m also checking in daily for their Font Deals, free font files and discounted design work.

How is Laura-Ellen proposing to use Font Bundles?

As a new business, I need to keep an eye on the finances, so I propose starting with three scaleable ideas; Wall Art, mugs and birthday cards.

It is proposed that I will use Font Bundles to purchase a calligraphy font that I can use in my iPad applications to draft and perfect my designs. They will then be sent to the printers or released as digital downloads for sale on Etsy.

The plan for these items is to use movie and TV quotes as well as song lyrics however, I will need to check the legalities of this.

Having checked Font Bundles for what I can use their font’s for, I am confident that the licences provided with their font’s will give me one less thing to worry about.

However, as you will see below, Font Bundles can be used for personal and craft use as opposed to just business.

What can I use Font Bundles for?

Font Bundles really is the perfect way to create items for your business, but they can also be used as branding tools for businesses or personal use like general arts and crafts with your family.

Below are some ideas as to how you may want to use Font Bundles for your own projects:


  • Greeting cards
  • Wall Prints
  • Company branding
  • Website and blog design
  • Cricut projects
  • Embroidery
  • Jewellery design

Personal Use

  • Greetings cards
  • Christmas, birthday or wedding gifts
  • Personal branding, such as resumes
  • Paper crafts
  • Scrapbooking

How do I create a project?

Font Bundle has a range of font freebies and is the perfect place to start getting a feel for the site and the type of products available.

The Hey Butterfly font is one of my favourites and I intend to use this for Wall Art projects for children’s bedrooms.

If you are new to Font Bundles, like myself, there is a handy user guide and unlimited technical support to help you transform the fonts you download into exactly what you need to get your designs finalised.

The following helpful video can also be found on Youtube and shows you how to purchase, download and install your font, if you get a little stuck:

What about licences?

At Font Bundles, there are two license types that you can purchase.

A Premium License is valid for one person on unlimited devices and additional licenses can be purchased if more than one person is using Font Bundles within your company or home. This is great if you are looking to use Font Bundles for personal use or business use.

Alternatively, if you intend to use the Font Bundle products for ‘platform use’, you must purchase a corporate license which allows you to create customised designs.

You can find full details on these in the table below:

Premium LicenseCorporate License
Personal UseOne User, Unlimited UseUnlimited Users, Unlimited Use
Commercial UseOne User, Limited UseUnlimited Users, Unlimited Use
Platform UseNot AllowedUnlimited Users, Unlimited Sales

Font Bundles for Social Media

Part of our strategy at Laura-Ellen is to create engaging content for our customers via our blog, retail store and social networking sites.

In order to create the best images for social media posts, I propose using a paid for font, but at £3.76 (time correct at the time of writing) it is a sound investment.

The Humble Script can be purchased, downloaded and used in the exact same way as the free fonts and can be used as a ‘signature ‘ font on all of Laura-Ellen branding and products.

Font Bundles- Humble Script Font

In order to increase traffic on my socials and blogs, Font Bundles can be used to create Pinterest images and keywords can be used to generate traffic and improve search engine optimisation (SEO).

Using Font Bundles- so what’s next?

Over the coming days, I will be selecting a number of fonts from Font Bundles that I believe represent my brand (you can see the current logo design below) and shortlisting three specific fonts to recreate the logo.

I’ll put out the new logos onto my instagram page and ask my 1200 followers to vote for which one they prefer. I will then use Canva to create headers for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and the retail site (Still in development) to form some unity between all of the platforms.

I will also be making use of Font bundles free support to help me if I get stuck, as starting a new business can certainly be overwhelming and it is good to know that I have Font Bundles in my team.

Laura x

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