Gaining your dream role during a global pandemic

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Now that the initial panic of closures, furlough and redundancies have stabilised in businesses, recruitment practices are finding their ‘new normal’. But where do you start when looking for work in an employers market?

An employers market is when a hiring manager has an abundance of applications for their role and will have the pick of more candidates than normal.

Working in a HR department for a large employer, I can safely say that recruitment is picking up again, so here are my top 5 ways of preparing and searching for a new role during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Networking is key!

The majority of recruitment and networking is being done via technology such as SKYPE, Microsoft teams and Zoom and the good news is these tools are free to join! Look online for online networking events and get your details on LinkedIn, if you haven’t already to maximise your opportunities.

Boost your skills

Now is the perfect time to boost your skills and qualifications and neither need cost you a penny! Open University for example, has a number of courses that you can complete for free and receive certification to prove your newly developed skills.

Find yourself a great recruiter

Recruiters are still working and when businesses start to feel a need to increase employee numbers, they may not feel able to cope with the volume of recruitment activity and will outsource this to their recruiters.

If you can start to build those relationships now, get them to give your CV a once over and provide you with feedback, you will be in a really strong position when those positions come on board.

Consider temporary work

If you are currently out of work, you could consider temporary work to tide you over. Take into account any transferable skills you have and use these to search the wider job market. Alternatively, if you have a passion or hobby that you could turn into freelance or part-time work, you could make your income that way.

Prepare yourself for virtual interviews

Interviewing virtually is vastly becoming the ‘new normal’, so make sure you dress appropriately and in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. Block out your background if where you are is cluttered or like me, you work somewhere like the dining room table. Also make sure that it is a well lit area so the interviewer can see you.

It is also a great idea to have some supporting statements as to how you will work from home. Hiring managers are bound to be asking questions around how you organise yourself and manage your time as well as how you keep yourself motivated.

The last thing I would add is to consider how urgent your job search is. There is a lot of uncertainty out there at the moment and the last thing you want is to find your dream job and then have your contract terminated before starting because of any subsequent issues the business faces.

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