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Dating from a distance- lockdown dating ideas

August 17, 2020 in Dating, Happiness - No Comments

As lockdown restrictions lift, you might start to question whether now is the time to start dating again.

Lockdown rules prevents dating like this

What does socially distanced dating look like?

Well, it’s going to be different isn’t it? Meeting somebody new whilst staying two metres apart from them isn’t exactly my idea of fun, and the subtle touch of the arm is pretty much none existent too.

So I suppose we just need to be a little bit more creative for the time being, but it’s definitely not the end of the world.

Date ideas

Picnic in the park. Pack up a blanket or some camping chairs along with some snacks and drinks to enjoy a socially distanced ‘meal’.

Get out in to the countryside. There are lots of places in the UK where you can enjoy a walk in the countryside. As most will be classed as ‘tourist attractions’, you will find that access by public transport is possible. Just don’t forget your mask.

Bike Ride. Cycling is great for social distancing if you have access to a bike. You could cycle to your nearest park or beach, if you are lucky enough to live close enough.

Speaking of beaches. They are a perfect spot to get comfortable on a deckchair and get to know one another at a distance. If you are lucky enough to live in Cornwall, and fancy a beach date, why not sign up to Cornwall dating site.

City Sights. How quiet are the city centres at the moment? I wouldn’t suggest taking your date shopping, but if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with some tourist attractions, whilst it is quiet might be the best time to take it all in and really enjoy it.

It’s a little bit funny

So they aren’t exactly your first thoughts when it comes to a first date and yes it is going to be weird, but take comfort in the fact that every single looking for love right now is in exactly the same boat. The other thing is acknowledge it. Tell your date how weird it is and thank them for coming along and experiencing the weirdness with you.

This feeling inside

So date one goes well. What’s next?

Well hopefully the restrictions lift quickly (but only when it’s safe), so that you can go on to share physical intimacy however, now is a great time to build up a deeper connection with someone (providing you like them, of course.)

Lots of conversation and communication are great socially distanced dating tools and add vulnerability to a potential relationship, which all helps to build intimacy in the long run.

Try a different way to be intimate whilst dating

So what now?

It’s simple. If you aren’t already listed on a dating site, get signed up to one. Those based in Cornwall can sign up to here.

If not, you can still follow the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find further information on other areas local to Cornwall.

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