Love in lockdown

August 21, 2020 in Dating, Happiness - No Comments

It seems that we have been in lockdown for ages now and so many things have changed in the world. But what about closer to home? Over the last few months the job market has turned on its head, people…

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Your Autumn reading list

August 2, 2020 in Happiness - 1 Comment

This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission from the quoted company for any purchases you make via these links. Dear books, Please forgive me. I have had my head so far in work and side…

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No gnome allotment home

June 5, 2020 in Happiness, Home - 1 Comment

Over the coming months, you will see a lot of my stories start with the dog(s). This is the first of those posts! In 2019 we attended a summer fete which was attended by the secretary of our local allotment….

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